You Got This: A fabulously fearless guide to being YOU



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I wanted to be a unicorn. I wanted to be a princess. I wanted to be an astronaut. But the thing I really wanted to be more than anything else, was a little less like me. It was only recently I realised not wanting to be me when I grew up was at the heart of every dumb decision I ever made. Yet when I really sat down and thought about it, being me was the thing that people most actually liked about me and it was much easier than trying to be someone else. And so, now I find myself writing this book containing all the life lessons I wish someone had told me at 14, which I am only really learning now. A book for the teenage girl in me. And for every teenage girl out there. Because the most powerful thing you can be when you grow up is yourself. Sharing 10 crucial life lessons, from self-respect and esteem to body confidence and mental health, this is the ultimate guide to growing up happy.


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