Defending Israel : Against Hamas and its Radical Left Enablers by Alan Dershowitz


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Alan Dershowitzthe #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s most influential legal scholarsadvocates for the Jewish homeland.

Dershowitz has spent years advocating for his most challenging clientthe state of Israeland has been a staunch supporter both in public and in private, holding meetings with high-level international figures that include every US president and Israeli leader of the past forty years. Through personal insights and unreported details, Defending Israel is a comprehensive history of modern Israel from the perspective of one of the countrys most important defenders and offers insights into the high-profile controversies and debates that Dershowitz has taken part in over the years.

Defending Israel is a balanced defense of the Jewish homeland on numerous points, which includes Dershowitzs criticisms of Israeli decisions and policies that he believes to be unwise. At a time when Jewish Americans are increasingly uncertain as to who supports Israel and who doesnt, there is no better book to turn to for answersand a pragmatic look toward the future.


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